With over 30 years in publishing, Angel Business Communications Limited (ABC) has seen many developments in the industry; it has had a digital version of its flagship titles for over seven years. Like many publishers, ABC was never entirely happy with commercial platform choices, feeling that their readership was being forced to zoom in and out from PDF replications of the printed version.

During the last year, ABC has developed Publishing Ninja, a publication platform built specifically for digital media with the advantages of:

  • Multi-Platform Compatibility: Your content will look beautiful irrespective of the device used to view it: tablet, mobile, or computer.  Being written in web technologies there is no need for extra installation of software or limitations cause by using Flash.
  • Zooming Free Zone: Pages are easily read straight away and not presented in columns, so readers can flow easily from one location to another.
  • Browser Scrolling: Makes use of conventional browser-based formats readers are already familiar with, which means less page turning or breaks in content.
  • Subscription Management: This optional feature enables you to track who is reading your publications and what has caught their eyes.
  • Easy Digital Conversion: An easy-to-use backend featuring drag and drop software can help you to create beautiful designs quickly and efficiently.

ABC recently moved all its publications to Publishing Ninja and has seen a dramatic increase in open rates and time spent on the platform.  Compound Semiconductor, ABC’s largest readership, has achieved 25% more viewers on Publishing Ninja compared to its previous digital magazine platform, and those readers spend on average an extra 6 minutes reading the magazine.  The latest Compound Semiconductor Digital Magazine can be seen at: http://www.publishing.ninja/V2/?=0=73=6

Stephen Whitehurst COO of ABC said, 'With more and more of our readers choosing to access publications using digital sources it was important what we offered was both well designed and cross-platform compatible. With Publishing Ninja we feel we have something unique to offer our subscribers and help build our titles and products'.

Feedback from readers has also been impressive with many commenting on the ease of reading and navigation. Publishing Ninja receives continual development upgrades, with an App to support the platform to be released shortly so users can download publications and read them offline.

Scott Adams, Multimedia Director, has been working closely with the project from the start and believes the move to Publishing Ninja will help a number of publishers like ABC, "Reading a digital publication is a different experience for a user than reading a printed version. It should be created to highlight these differences, be cross-platform compatible, easy to create and look amazing. We look forward to getting feedback from other publishers on the platform and working closely with them to continue our digital publishing revolution."

About Angel Business Communications

Angel Business Communications is an industry leading B2B publisher and conference and exhibition organiser. ABC has developed skills in various market sectors - including Compound Semiconductor, Solar, IT - Data Centres, Storage Networking, Cloud Services World, Managed Services and Security plus many more and events in Germany, UK and other areas. With offices in both Watford and Coventry, it has the infrastructure to develop a leadership role in the markets it serves by providing a multi-faceted approach to the business of providing business with the information it needs. For further information visit: http://www.angelbc.com